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Hi, my name is Chua Siew Hong.  I have recently (2019) left the teaching fraternity after teaching JC economics for more than 15 years. I have taught in various junior colleges including Raffles Institution (Junior College). 

Throughout my career, I have worked with students of different profiles to help them unlock their true potential. Leveraging on my deep experience, I have decided to carry on my passion to be a private tutor to coach students for the 'A' Level Cambridge and IB examinations.

Being familiar with the economics content and the various examination skills required to answer questions, I excel in providing guidance to students to score distinctions.  This is affirmed by my results where more than 70% of my students scored distinction in their examinations in the past 2 years!



  • Honours Degree in Social Sciences (Economics) awarded by the National University of Singapore

  • Post-graduate Diploma in Education conferred by the National Institute of Education



Mastering Skills in Small Class

Our centre focuses in helping  students develop their ability to analyze questions and to enhance their skills to write an 'A' grade answer.  This is done through a structured methodology in the imparting  of various examination skills and customized guidance for each student within a small class-size setting of a maximum of 6.   

Content and Applications

We use carefully designed worksheets that includes comparison of questions to help students understand the differences in their answer requirements (an area that many are weak in).  In addition, high quality answers are provided to guide students through their development of paragraphs and explanation of their concepts.  With such high quality material and guidance,  it is no coincidence that a high proportion of our students scored distinctions in their examinations.  

Provision of Quality Feedback 

Individualised feedback will be provided for the child's work done in class or outside class.  This includes the conceptual errors made, depth of analysis, flow of answers and their evaluative comments.  In addition, suggestions would be provided on how to improve the quality of their  answers.  Such personalised feedback is important but can be lacking in tuition centres with a large cohort of students.

Concise Notes 

We believe that given the large amount of knowledge to be covered in the syllabus, having concise notes that organize and summarize key points can be helpful for students to aid them in their memory work. For students who are unable to do this themselves, the centre provides a set of concise notes that is created by our highly experienced tutor.  



Jaden Tay (Hwa Chong Institution)

Mrs Chua’s lessons have been useful in guiding me towards proper question analysis for different types of questions in economics.  She also imparts knowledge on various questions types and examples to allow us to be able to answer the questions well and be prepared for new questions.  Her lessons are also engaging and insightful and she teaches many skills when explaining how to write answers.

Ethan Lim (Raffles Institution)

In the run-up to the ‘A’ Level examination, I was uncertain about the rigour in my answering techniques and lacked the skills and confidence in evaluation.  Mrs Chua’s classes not only focused on the concepts and ensured our elaborations are comprehensive, she also gave us great insights into writing good and proper evaluation.

Sumin (National Junior College)

Mrs Chua effectively teaches how to write evaluation, including both mini evaluation and evaluative conclusion, as well as how to analyse questions.  She also gives detailed feedback in both written and verbal forms. 

Daryl Lee (Jurong Pioneer Junior College)

I have found Mrs Chua's classes to be extremely useful in preparing for the ‘A’ Levels.  They covered a wide variety of questions and prepared me for the required question analysis and higher order thinking skills for the ‘A’ levels.

1-to-1 Tuition

J1/J2 Classes 

S$100 per hour

Minimum 2 hours (Face-to-Face)

Minimum 1.5 hours (Online)


2-to-1 Tuition

J1/J2 Classes 

S$70 per hour

Minimum 2 hours (Face-to-Face)

Minimum 1.5 hours (Online)


Group Tuition

J1/J2 Classes 

   $380 for 4 sessions 

   Each session is 2 hours (Face-to-Face)

Online classes are also available 


Free Concise Notes

June Holidays Revision Programme

$380 for 4 lessons

Each lesson is 2 hours 


2021 Group Tuition

Class Schedule


Wednesdays:  3 to 5 pm 

                      5 to 7 pm



Thursdays:  3 to 5 pm

                    5 to 7 pm


Fridays:  3 to 5 pm

               5 to 7 pm 

Saturdays: 12.00 to 2.00 pm 

June Holiday Online Revision Programme

Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 9 to 11 am

Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 12 to 2 pm




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